Our Egoscue Method certified Posture Alignment Specialists work with clients to realign the skeletal system. This process reduce chronic pain as well as improving sports performance as well as everyday performance.

Posture sessions include before and after photos, discussion of how misalignment can cause pain and lead to poor performance, and exercises specific to each client that can bring the body back into alignment. The process is a partnership between therapist and client. Education about healing the body is at the core of this process. Clients can expect to leave empowered to improve their bodies and their lives.

Posture Evaluation Staff

Roxanne Harley has been working as an Posture Alignment Specialist since 2012.. She has worked with hundreds of people to free their bodies from pain with posture alignment exercises. She is also a certified Pilates instructor. To learn more or book your first session text Roxanne at 520-909-3116

Sarah Shiller has been working as an Egoscue Posture Alignment Specialist since 2017, She combines Egoscue with the knowledge she gained while studying Exercise Science to help her clients restore movement and live life pain free. To learn more or book your first session text Sarah at 520-609-9924


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