Trainers Edge Fitness Program

The Trainers Edge at the Tucson Racquet & Fitness Club is a full-service exercise training program for people of all fitness levels. In addition to all our services, Trainers Edge clients benefit from private cardiovascular and weight-training rooms at the Club.


Program Includes

Individualized exercise prescription, consisting of one-on-one, two-on-one, or group training sessions.

Program designed exercise session consist of aerobic, flexibility and strength training routines. The trainer keeps a detailed exercise log which allows the tracking of progress.

The program design component consists of working with a trainer once a month to design a workout for you to complete on your own. Body Fat Analysis is also available for $15. Skin fold measurements are done with calipers. This is included when you join the program.

Program Rates

  • $51 per session, TRFC members (1/2 hr. $30)
  • $56 per session, non members (1/2 hr. $35)
  • $39 per session, TRFC members (1/2 hr. $23)
  • $44 per session, non-members (1/2 hr. $28)
  • $33 per session, TRFC members (1/2 hr. $19)
  • $38 per session, non-members (1/2 hr. $24)
  • $265 per month, TRFC members
  • $315 per month, non-members


Trainers Edge takes pride in its staff of degreed and/or certified professionals who are dedicated to educating and guiding their clients through safe and scientifically sound aerobic, flexibility and weight training sessions. Trainers Edge trainers will design work-outs to meet the desired goals and assessed needs of each client.

Brian Colwill

Program Director – Ext 326

Diane Colwill

Program Director – Ext 325

Barbara Stockton

Zoe Carroll

Laura Swenson

Laurie Jackson

Hannah Mozes

Ext 336

Trevor Hicks


Email our Personal Training Manager with any questions regarding our Personal Training Programs.