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Our Membership Offerings


For Individual Adults

$99 Initiation

$79 Fitness

$115 Full


Two Adult Individuals in the same household

$99 Initiation

$121 Fitness

$155 Full


Two Adults and their Children

$99 Initiation

$130 Fitness

$180 Full


The difference in Memberships is, to put it simply, court access. A Fitness Membership will grant you access to our Cardio and Weight Training facilities, our two pools, our sand volleyball courts and basketball courts, but a Full Membership is required to utilize the Tennis, Pickleball, and Racquetball/Handball courts.

Yes, we accept seasonal members! We offer a variety of membership options for those who are either in Tucson seasonally or simply visiting, ranging from a Month-to-Month Membership to a week or month long guest passes.

We currently offer a Free Three Day Trial Pass so that you may try out the Club before starting a Membership. Simply stop by the Membership Office during hours of operation (Mon-Fri:8-9PM, and Sat-Sun:8-6PM) and a Membership Consultant will get you started.

Yes! Tennis and Pickleball Clinics, along with various other events at the Club, can be attended by both Members who may not have court access or Non-Members.

Yes! With the exception of our Tennis and Pickleball facilities, all of our amenities are open to Members 24/7, including major holidays.


Statements are sent by email on the first of every month and are due on the first of each month. Statements may be viewed at any time through the member portal. Any payments not received before the 5th of the month are subject to a $35 late fee.
A leave-of-absence offers a temporary period of inactive membership. These take effect on the first day of a month with a two-month minimum and a maintenance fee of $15/month. Requests for a leave-of-absence must be submitted in writing and be acknowledged by club management. These must be received by the 15th of the last active month (15 days in advance of the effective date). A member may not use the Club, even as a guest, while on a leave-of-absence. When reinstated, the membership will be charged only pro-rated dues for the remainder of the first effective month.
Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing and receive acknowledgement from club management 30 days in advance. The member may be charged pro-rated dues for the last active month and will retain access to the club until the effective cancellation date. 1-year contracts and pay-in-full contracts are subject to additional cancellation fees if broken before the end of the original contract date. A person reinstating from a cancellation will pay the current reinstatement fee plus pro-rated dues for the remainder of the first active month.
Member Identification cards are issued by the T.R.F.C membership office. All members must scan their physical keytag or digital barcode at the Front Desk when entering the Club or charging to their T.R.F.C account.
Full memberships offer full use of the Club facilities. Fitness memberships include the use of all Club facilities with the exception of tennis, pickleball, and racquetball/handball. A fitness member may play tennis, pickleball, or racquetball/handball only after purchasing a 10-punch pass ($150). Family memberships include two adults over the age of 18, and up to three children under the age of 18.
Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club memberships may not be transferred or sold. Any membership may be upgraded to a higher membership category by paying the difference in membership dues. Dues are adjusted accordingly and new memberships must be assigned in the T.R.F.C membership office. Month-to-month memberships may also be downgraded effective on the first of the following month. Dues will be adjusted to follow, but there will be no refund on past or current dues. All membership changes must be handled in person through the T.R.F.C membership office.