Guest Fee Policy

$12 per guest age 18+

$8 per guest age 14-17

$5 per guest age 7-13

Free (6 and under)

  • NO free guest passes provided.
  • Guest must be accompanied by a member to proceed through front desk.
  • A person may be a guest a maximum 12 times per year.
  • If guest joins, he/she must show receipts to be reimbursed for guest fees up to one month’s worth of dues.  The referring member will also receive one month’s free dues as a referral fee.

    Family Member / House Guest Passes:
  • Please see membership office with your out of town guest to obtain guest passes.

USTA League Team Policy:

$25 per non-member on a TRC league team.  This fee only covers home match court time.  If they would like to practice with team they have the following two options:

1.     Pay guest fee each time they practice

2.    Join the club and receive a 3 month membership with zero initiation fee and their 3rd months dues are free. (3 full months for the price of 2.)