Wellness Update

Published On: May 8, 2024


Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club
Wellness Update
By Sandy McCaslin


If your life is how you feel, what would you change?

Emotion comes from motion; you’ve got to move.  The only natural high is one created by exercise.  When you exercise, your body produces natural chemicals called endorphins, which lead to that euphoric feeling of wellbeing.  Exercise is superior to drugs and alcohol in eliciting the “feel good factor.”  Best results to reduce anxiety/depression are achieved by aerobic exercise.  You don’t have to be in top shape to feel the effects of an exercise high.  If you are new to exercise, the first 5-10 minutes may not always feel comfortable, but persist and soon enough you will feel great.

If you are not sure how to sneak more short bouts of exercise into your day, contact us for some free tips. We can show you how to increase your daily exercise time by 30 minutes while barely changing your daily routine.  Everyone needs a Coach, Sandy M.


Sandy McCaslin is a Rotarian, Tucson resident, and General Manager for the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club, bringing wellness to our surrounding communities. Contact us at trfc@tucsonracquetclub.com or 520-795-6960.”