Tucson, Arizona prides itself on sustainability.  For example, Tucson households on average consume about 160 gallons of water a day while Phoenix consumes 226; a full 38% more.  Some Phoenix-area towns use a lot more. In Paradise Valley, for example, per capita water consumption is 400 gallons a day!  As a community, we should be proud of our efforts to conserve the limited resources we are stewards of.  Like it or not, the onus is on corporations and private individuals alike to take care of this planet for not only ourselves, but for future generations as well.  Our legacy will be judged by the level of effort and innovation we employ to that end.
The Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club is committed to sustainability and has invested heavily in it. Mr. Bill Selby, owner and General Manager of the Club, is a true champion of environmental conservation and personally oversees our solar collection and energy conservation.  The heart of our efforts lay in the 50.76 kW photovoltaic solar power collection system.  It consists of (6) SMA inverters with each having 36 photovoltaic panels connected to it, resulting in a total of 216 TRINA Solar 235 watt panels.  As of June 1, 2012, we have collected over 109,000 kWh of the sun’s energy and avoided nearly 200,000 kg of CO2 (that’s almost the equivalent of not driving 14,000 miles!).
Our water heating solar system has collected over 80,000 kWh of energy which equates to over 266,000 kBTU, or 2,660 Therms.
Our efforts do not stop there.  The food and beverage department has replaced most of their Styrofoam usage with biodegradable products.  Our approximately 200 employees were given BPA-free reusable glasses at no cost to further reduce the massive amount of cups thrown away each day.  Water consumption is reduced through the implementation of low-flow appliances and facilities, while a big push to replace all of our lighting (which already consists of fluorescent products) to LED is our next phase, thereby dramatically reducing our electrical draw.
We will never cease researching and learning of new ways to save energy and reduce waste.  Suggestions from our members and non-members alike are always welcome.


Included on our 20 acres by the river are:

  • 30 lighted tennis courts
  • 12 lighted pickleball courts
  • 11 indoor racquetball/handball courts
  • Aerobics/yoga
  • Exercise classes throughout the day
  • Two 75′ junior Olympic heated pools
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Fully equipped weight room
  • Cardiovascular machines
  • 2 Jacuzzis
  • Sauna

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