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Trigger points – highly irritable spots in muscles caused by accidents, sports, occupation, disease, and even birth – lie quiet in a muscle until the physical and emotional climate is right, and then it ‘fires.’ It’s firing throws the muscle into spasm. This causes pain. Your nervous system responds to pain by sending more spasm to the affected area to protect it against whatever is threatening. The spasm sent by the nervous system further tightens the spasm already present. That hurts! Another pain message shoots back to headquarters, predictably followed by more spasm. This phenomenon is called “splinting.” We now have a spasm-pain-spasm cycle in effect, and until it is broken, the pain and splinting continue. This holds the muscle in a foreshortened condition, interfering with function, posture, and balance. If the cycle is maintained long enough, the muscles may remain permanently shortened. You have tried analgesics, counterirritants, heat, ice, rest…

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